Three ways to get cheaper flights

Airfares are often the most expensive part of travelling overseas.

But with the right cost-cutting tips, you could save hundreds of dollars, which ultimately means more money to spend on sightseeing, shopping and having fun.

Here are three ways to help you find a cheaper flight.

1. Clear your cookies

Airlines, like many online retailers, use a strategy known as “dynamic pricing” to set their fares.

This traditionally means that the price of an item, or in this case an airfare, can fluctuate based on supply and demand.

But these days, dynamic pricing has come to mean that prices can change based on your search history – in other words, how much you might be willing to pay.

The best way to avoid being slugged with a higher charge is to delete your cookies and conduct all future searches via a private window or virtual private network (VPN).

2. Search for prices over the whole month is a good starting point if you’re looking for sharp deals. To find the cheapest time to fly, SkyScanner has a “whole month” option when selecting your travel dates.

This shows you the cheapest flight every day over the month, so you can pick your time to fly based on the cheapest days.

3. Find the cheapest destination

If you’re spoiled for choice and are just looking for a cheap getaway, has a map detailing the average flight price for almost every country in Australian dollars.

Pick a destination that fits your budget, select a departure date and sift through the flight options.

You can arrange results according to the cheapest fare (expect a huge layover) or quickest arrival.

In some instances, you might find a regional airport closer to your destination that works out cheaper, such as Melbourne’s Avalon airport as opposed to Tullamarine.