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Solo woman and more so solo mums have indicated that their lack of understanding financial matters has been their hardest challenge for improving after monetary impediment as stated by Galaxy Research for State Custodians Home Loans. Galaxy Research questioned 1,005 persons in the country and

Whilst all of us would love to have an impressive property investment portfolio to retire on, many people just can’t get enough equity together to buy their first property to start to build their private wealth portfolio. If you find yourself in this situation perhaps

As interest rates remain on hold the news is positive for those looking to boost their investments and build their private wealth. The Reserve Bank ‘has been buoyed by hard evidence the global economy has decisively entered a lasting expansionary phase, which will ultimately increase

As the demand for Australians to own their own home is as strong as ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve that result especially for the low to medium income first home buyers. Information available from CoreLogic RP Data shows that at the end

The Chinese government’s extensive crackdown on money exiting the country could hit the Australian property market hard, as private Chinese investors could experience problems settling on deals, following implications of tighter controls on capital outflows, which were announced late last year by various Chinese government

In a new member survey from the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), property professionals throughout the country remain optimistic on the year ahead, despite market uncertainties. Careful selection criteria can still provide investors with opportunities to increase their private wealth by investing in quality

In January 2016 Sydney and Melbourne both received the dubious honour of being ranked inside the top 10 least affordable major metropolitan housing markets in the latest edition of the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey. Demographia’s ‘median multiple’ approach has firmly established a benchmark

As property prices rise around the country and property transactions still inspire confidence in investors to build their own private wealth, the government is cracking down on property illegally acquired by foreign investors with fifteen properties in Victoria and Queensland, worth a combined $14m, forcibly

For the average Australian looking to build a secure base for his/her retirement, premium property investment may have the potential to provide the means, however whilst great returns may look promising, exorbitant stamp duty costs have become increasingly burdensome for even the most savvy investor.

You may not get to retire!

It’s highly plausible that a long retirement is not in my future. Just like a free college education and affordable housing, it might be following the list of items Baby Boomers enjoyed but the modern generation will never get to see. This is an extract