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Rent-Bidding Apps To Shake Rental Market By Michael Mata | 28 Apr 2017 12:00 AM Your Property Investor magazine Internet rental marketplaces, where prospective tenants battle it out to secure rental properties, will soon become an unpleasant reality for renters with the upcoming launch of

by Duncan Hughes A family has taken more than 30 years to unravel a property deal that started as a well-intentioned plan to make them richer, happier and closer but concluded in a bitter dispute and thousands of dollars in legal costs, a warning to

By Michael Mata Latest news: Chinese buyers remain undaunted when purchasing Australian property More newly-built units completed than houses in December quarter Two major retailers join Northpoint redevelopment Sydney real estate is “cheap” by international standards and the Australian property market is not experiencing a

Airfares are often the most expensive part of travelling overseas. But with the right cost-cutting tips, you could save hundreds of dollars, which ultimately means more money to spend on sightseeing, shopping and having fun. Here are three ways to help you find a cheaper

James Lesh, University of Melbourne The Australian Ugliness, architect and critic Robin Boyd wrote in 1960, incorporated the “background ugliness” of Australia’s cities: a suburbia of: … unloved veneer villas and wanton little shops, and big worried factories. These are the kinds of suburban places

If you own/run a small business (turnover of the business plus the turnover of any other businesses run by the same entity must be less than $2 million per annum), one of the most effective tax breaks of recent years has been the ability to

As the end of the financial year fast approaches and we sort our receipts and payments into something that can be recorded accurately for our tax purposes, we are reminded that the Australian Taxation Office is turning to improved data tracking methods as well as

Have you every thought about things that you know now and wished you had known when you were 18? As time passes, lessons about personal relationships, life in general , work or money are learnt : these would have been a valuable tool for our

In Sydney’s thriving property market, Bondi Beach is very popular amongst owner-occupiers, property developers and investors. Although this suburb is famous for averaging $2.5m for a house and $1m for a unit , last’s weeks sale of $4.4m for a detached house at 101 Hasting

A lot of people in the big Australian cities are making the decision to live by themself instead of living with other people/and or their significant others. This tendency comes from the changes in urban areas, the longevity of life, and more acceptance of unmarried