In the past our retirement options were minimal with most people working for 50 years or so with little to look forward to other than an aged pension.

With the investment opportunities and incentives of today this need not be the case.

Indeed, many do not wish to live a relatively comfortable existence while they are working only to see their standard drop by living off government hand-outs later on.

Premium Finance Services can provide the knowledge and guidance to make the changes necessary, to put you on the path to financial independence by becoming a retiree using property investment as the vehicle.

Did you know that just 5% of the Australian population retire with sufficient funds to continue the lifestyle they have become accustomed to during their first 60 or so years on this Earth?

Are you in the 5% that are comfortable, or the 95% who have to change their lifestyle due to their retirement from working life?

Download and try this ASIC approved Retirement Calculator to get an idea of how your Retirement Planning is going.